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        Wenzhou Hezhong Pump Industry Co., Ltd.(Zhongyou auto parts) is a professional manufacturer of vehicle accessories. The factory has perfect quality management system, all products have been rigorously tested, the company not only has the domestic advanced CNC equipment, but also from the United States, Japan and other countries The introduction of deep-hole processing machine, within the chamfering lathe, the domestic first-class aluminum piston hard oxidation and other advanced equipment, equipment lines and mechanical and electrical integration of testing equipment and laboratories are in the leading position. Advanced technology and superb operating techniques, to provide users with high quality exquisite products. Companies adhere to the professional road: to improve the thoughtful service to win a broader domestic and foreign markets; to first-class technology, skills, excellent product quality, striving for "YAQIANG", "ZHONGHU" brand.
        The company has consistently uphold the "credibility of the first, quality first, dedicated service to customers" business philosophy, the company has maintained a relatively stable performance of the growth rate in the fierce competition in the market gradually show a strong overall competitiveness of the product Quality and improve the service has made customer recognition. The company will be in the automotive machinery industry to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Hot Products

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